Artist Statement

Creative Embroidery is the foundation to my work, with its infinite possibilities.  I first stitched on Paper over 25 years ago, and it has become a favoured technique.  Stitching by hand or machine Paper presents its own challenges to use in combination with textile techniques.  It continues to absorb and provide much to pursue.

I also prefer to paint Papers/fabric and will combine with techniques such as mono printing, and mixed media products.

My love of Paper is also what informs my book making process. I particularly enjoy the variety of construction, from the binding methods to the finished size and shape.

My creative style is abstract, often intuitively working with particular elements, be that materials or ideas.

Inspiration is varied, I love words, both to stitch and as a source to allow imagination to bring forth work. There are topics which often recur in my personal work, such as maps or hearts, but much of my work reflects a response to thoughts, interests and creative explorations at the time of making.





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